Do solar panels add value to your property?

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perlight solar panels on domestic house

When you make the decision to install solar panels on your property be it residential or commercial your making an investment. Solar panels can help to reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. But do solar panels add value to your property?

Can you add value to your property with a solar panel install.

In this article, we’re going to look at, does installing solar panels add value to your property, and what other benefits installing solar panels can give.

Solar panels aren’t new

Adding solar panels to your home isn’t new. In fact, the first-ever UK solar installation was completed in 1995 by Professor Sue Roaf. Solar panels were going to be the heart of her eco house. This home was designed with innovation. The orientation and structural shading of the house meant it stayed warm in winter and cool in summer. The owner installed a roof integrated 4kW solar panel array. Back in 1995 this structure with panels cost over £18,000 with an expected payback of 66 years!

Now it’s a totally different story. The cost of solar panel technology has come down and with the ever-increasing price of energy, payback years have dramatically reduced. There are also government grants and schemes such as 0% VAT on solar panel installations.

What do solar panels cost?

Installing solar panels has become increasingly popular in the UK and technology has changed significantly. This has resulted in more affordable solutions, making an average solar panel installation of 4kW around £5,000-£7,000. Nowadays solar panels can be compared to getting an extension on your home. With a solar panel install there’s the ability to recoup  money spent and generate an income.

If you’d like to know how much solar panels will cost to install at your home get in touch now. We’ll be happy to produce a  free bespoke quote tailored to your individual requirements.

Can solar panels save you money?

We all know solar panels are great for the environment, and can reduce carbon emissions. Another major advantage is they can help you save on your electricity bills. Not only can they produce the electricity to run your home, any excess electricity generated can also be sold back to the National Grid.

How much you could save with the installation of solar panels depends on a few factors:

How much electricity your solar panels produce?

This has a few different factors. First, how many solar panels you have on your roof, this is affected by the size, pitch, and orientation of your roof. How much shading your roof gets can effect how much electricity is produced. At Rawson Solar we use optimisers to reduce the effects of shading.

How much electricity your property consumes.

If your home consumes more electricity than your solar panels produce, this will reduce your energy savings, as you’ll be purchasing more electricity from The Grid. If your roof isn’t big enough to install the panels required to offset your usage this is unavoidable.

Is battery storage installed.

With battery storage you can store any excess solar energy produced which isn’t used in your property. Energy stored within these batteries can be used to power the property during night time hours.

Do solar panels increase property value?

Some believe solar panels fitted to a home look unsightly. However solar panels have moved on. Solar panels we supply are all black and look surprisingly stylish and sleek. We also supply integrated solar tiles, these are installed instead of tiles reducing costs while also looking great. A property with a solar panel installation is rather enticing. Selling a property with solar panels installed can increase your EPC rating, giving your home an advantage over others. Not to mention the huge benefit, having solar panels installed reduces your electricity bill. Along with the energy price increases, this could be the key to your sale success.

Estate agents are of the opinion that having solar panels installed on your home is in fact a benefit, resulting in property value increases.

Other benefits of a solar panel installation

Not only does a solar panel installation reduce your electricity bill, and can lead to an increase in your property’s value. If you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, with an EV charger installed at your home, you can use the power generated from your solar panels to charge your EV. This will help to reduce your energy bills further, as you are no longer using The Grid to charge your EV. This could also be of benefit to potential buyers as there is the option to charge your EV for free.

If you already have solar but don’t yet have a home EV charger you can find our range of EV chargers here.

If you’re ready to add solar to your home or business get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements.

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