Commercial Solar Panels Installation Cost

The cost of commercial solar panels for your business.

Suppose you’re considering installing commercial solar panels for your business and want to determine the cost. We can provide an accurate quote and offer finance options to reduce your capital outlay.

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The average small to medium-sized business in the UK uses around 30,000 to 50,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity each year.

We offer finance options so you can benefit from solar without upfront costs

There are grants available for UK businesses for commercial solar

Solar panels are easy and cost-effective to maintain

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The cost of commercial solar panels vs the benefits

The benefits of installing solar panels for your business will far outweigh the cost of installation, throughout the life cycle of your business.

As the cost of electricity for businesses has risen significantly since 2022, affecting the way many businesses operate and lowering their profit margins. One way that businesses can begin to protect themselves against the rising energy costs is by installing commercial solar panels.

An installed solar PV system can deliver an average electricity rate of around 5p per kWh. This includes maintenance costs. This compares with the current grid costs of approximately 25-35p per kWh.

A business solar panel system can generally return enough benefit to achieve a positive cash flow within as little as 24 months.

Solar panels fixed to warehouse roof
commercial solar panels on commercial premises

How much do commercial solar panels cost?

The cost of installing commercial solar panels can depend on numerous factors. These include size of roof your business has, how many panels are required in order to generate the amount of electricity require to run the business solely on solar power and the infrastructure that is required on site in order to install your commercial solar panel system. We  run through all these factors during our initial quoting process.

In addition to the cost savings of commercial solar panels, there are numerous other benefits too:
Improve your brand image with green credentials

Installing commercial solar panels sends a positive message to your existing and future customers with your commitment to green energy and protecting the environment.

Increase future property value

Adding solar panels to your commercial building will likely increase the value as you are effectively creating your own energy to use or sell back to the grid, thus reducing overall energy costs.

Independence from the grid

As energy prices continue to rise each year, the installation of solar panels will reduce your company’s reliance on the grid, thus protecting you from huge energy price increases.

Financial savings

As installing solar panels will reduce your company’s energy usage and spending, these savings can then be reinvested into further growing your business.

Finance Options for Commercial Solar Panels

At Rawson Solar, we offer our customers a range of finance options to give you enable you to reduce your energy bills without too much initial upfront cost.

We offer hire purchase and lease options for 1-5 years allowing you to distribute the cost and ease the upfront financial pressure.

As part of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050, there is funding available to help UK businesses.

commercial solar panels at turner brothers Ruthin
farm building by a river with solar panels mounted to roof
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Are you ready to get on board with green energy and start reducing your energy costs, while reducing your overall carbon footprint.

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