Commercial EV Charging

A commercial EV charger can be a game-changer for any business, not only can you attract new business, being listed on apps such as Project EV Pro and Zap-Map, but you can also increase customer dwell time and have customers pay to use them.

Commercial EV charging would benefit my business by…

Adding Another revenue stream

A commercial charger adds the option of another revenue stream – Charge visitors to fill up their vehicles while they are looking around your business.

Increasing footfall

Increasing footfall and dwell time increases revenue – Listing your business charger on Project EV Pro and ZapMap opens up new avenues for the public to find you.

Offering Employee Benefits

As EV’s become more and more popular as an option for your staff, consider offering them free EV charging as an employee perk. Knowing you will have 100% power when finishing work is a huge relief.

Purchasing options


Reduce your upfront outlay and spread the cost with 3 or 5 year lease options.

Outright Purchase

Purchase your charger outright in one upfront payment.

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Our commercial EV charging range

We supply Project EV chargers of various speeds and sizes. Whether you’re looking to install a charger at the workplace to see what it’s about, or you’re looking at a full-blown charging network, we are certain we can put a bespoke solution together for you.

Looking for a new EV Charger?

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