Manchester EV Charger Installations

If you’re a Manchester-based business considering installing EV chargers at your premises, we are a North-West based commercial EV charger installer who can help your Manchester business benefit from an EV charge point installation.

We advise on every step of your installation from advising on the location of your charging points, grant application assistance, full installation of EV charging points and after sales maintenance should you have any issues.

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Business benefits of installing EV charging points

Installing EV charging points at your workplace can be a great way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, attract more employees and customers to your business and save on energy costs. It is predicted that by 2029, 20% to 30% of all the vehicles on UK roads will be electric so installing charging points is a great way to future-proof your business and provide additional perks for your employees.

Generate revenue

Charge visitors to fill up their vehicles while they are looking around your business.

Increase footfall

Listing your business charger on Project EV Pro and ZapMap opens up new avenues for the public to find your business.

Employee benefits

Introduce free EV charging to your employees as a company perk to retain and attract great talent.

Why choose Rawson EV Power?
Competitive pricing
Fast response times
After sale support
No hidden costs down the line, quote is fixed
Lease options for businesses
Friendly and knowledgeable team
Purchasing options

Reduce your upfront outlay and spread the cost with 3 or 5 year lease options.

Outright Purchase

Purchase your charger outright in one upfront payment.

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Business grant funding available

Did you know that your Manchester workplace could be eligible for up to £850 grant funding towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging points at your business?

Workplace charging scheme for Manchester-businesses

The Workplace Charging Scheme has been designed to support the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles and help reduce carbon emissions by half by 2050. It covers up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs for those who are eligible, with a maximum contribution of £350 per socket (up to 40 sockets total across all sites).

Bespoke EV charging point installers

If you are looking for a bespoke EV charging point installation and would like to discuss options for your business, please contact us for a free, no obligation quote today.

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Manchester OZEV-approved installers

We are one of only a handful of Manchester OZEV-approved installers who provide bespoke commercial electrical vehicle charging solutions that meet the needs of your business, customers and employees. Whether you are looking for an entry level Wall Pod charger, or more robust fully integrated fleet management floor charger, we can install to your company’s EV requirements.