Commercial Battery Storage

Commercial battery storage can help save your business £££’s over the years. You can use battery storage to store any excess solar energy that is produced by your solar panels to use later, or batteries can be used to store electricity purchased from the Grid at a cheaper off peak tariff for use when rates are higher.

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Rawson EV-Power and Solar are your local trusted supplier and installer of EV chargers, Solar panels and battery storage based in Wrexham North Wales.

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As part of the Rawson Group we are always delivering what we promise. We pride ourselves on giving the highest level of customer service with all our supplied products backed by manufacturer warranties.

Our head office is located around 20 minutes from Chester city centre on Wrexham Industrial estate. This central location allows us to supply areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, Bangor, Warrington, all of North Wales and the North West of England. Our specialist team of solar battery storage sales and support staff are always on hand to assist with every step of the process, from quotation to installation with an excellent aftersales support team.

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What is commercial battery storage?

Battery storage consists of batteries fitted at your commercial business, which can be charged up by any excess electricity produced by a solar panel system during sunny periods of the day. Storage batteries can also be charged via electricity straight from the Grid, this is beneficial if you benefit from a cheaper off peak tariff at certain times of the day or night. The electricity that has been stored in your commercial batteries can then be discharged during night-time hours when solar panels are no longer producing energy or when energy prices could be at a higher rate.

Why does my commercial business need a battery storage system?

With the ever increasing costs of electricity, a battery storage system could be a huge benefit to your business. If your business runs day or night, installing battery storage can help you save, especially when you combine your battery storage with solar panels. As solar panels generate most of their electricity during the day any excess energy that isn’t used by your business could be stored within the batteries for use when sunlight is limited.

Any excess power not consumed by your business can also be sold back to the Grid providing your business with extra profit. Although solar panels are not a prerequisite for battery storage, batteries can be installed as a standalone to store energy. These batteries can be charged during cheaper off-peak hours with the energy utilized during higher tariff periods, resulting in huge savings on electricity costs for your business.

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What are the benefits of commercial battery storage?
Emergency backup power

Use stored energy from your batteries in the event of a power failure to remain operational and reduce a disaster due to a power cut.

Earn an extra income

Selling excess energy back to the grid can result in extra income for your business, helping with payback for battery and solar panel installations.

Reduce peak electricity costs

The ability to use electricity stored in your batteries during high electricity cost periods or during the night when you would otherwise have to get power from the grid.

Charge electric vehicles

If your workplace has EV chargers on site you can use energy stored in your batteries to charge these vehicles reducing charging costs.

Environmentally sustainable

Store electricity rather than call it from the grid reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing your green credentials.

Future proof your business

Protect your business from the rising costs of electricity, by storing your excess for later use.

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The cost of commercial battery storage?

Depending on the requirements of your business, costs for battery storage can vary greatly depending on battery size and the amount of batteries required. If you are concerned about the cost of installing battery storage at your business, we offer affordable lease solutions, with plans available from 3 to 5 years you can spread the cost. This can help reduce the initial outlay and allow you to recoup money while reaping the financial benefits of having battery storage.

How do I get commercial battery storage?

If you would like to go ahead and get a quote for battery storage for your business then get in touch now. We can provide a quote once we complete an initial assessment of your business to establish what is required to meet your needs, we will can then install your storage batteries and you can be reaping the benefits that come with them.

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Join our existing commercial solar battery customers who are already storing their excess solar energy!

Reduce your energy bills and gain pricing stability.

Offset your carbon footprint, improve green credentials.

Increase future property value.

Reduce your reliance on the Grid and generate revenue.

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