Turner Bros Solar Panels Phase 2

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Turner Bros ariel photo
Who are they?

Turner Bros are a land and development company based in Ruthin, they own Birch House Business Centre offering Flexible Office and Business Solutions to local companies. They currently have 16 companies based at the Turner Trading Estate, renting office and industrial space.


Turner Bros were looking to expand on their current solar panel installation which consisted of 50 x 405W solar panels which we installed previously. They were wanting to further reduce their reliance on the grid and reduce their overall electricity costs, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Our Solution

As this installation is phase 2 of our work at Turner Bros we had already completed all site surveys from previous visits. Conducting these site surveys allows us to ensure we install panels and inverters in the most efficient locations, this allows maximum power generation and is able to minimise disruption to the business and on-site tenants.

For phase 2 of the solar PV installation, we installed 325 x 405W solar panels, alongside multiple 3-phase inverters ranging from 10kW up to 50kW, giving a total system capacity of 130kWp for these 325 solar panels. Inverters are used within the system to convert the DC power that comes direct from the solar panels into AC power, which is the useable current that can power appliances and machinery. The site at Turners Bros is split across 4 separate buildings, each rented out to different tenants. Because of this, we installed a sub-metering system, this allows Turner Bros to monitor how much of the generated solar power is being used by each tenant, they can then offer their tenants a reduced electricity price based on this consumption. We also helped to set up a PPA (power purchase agreement) for tenants paying their own electricity bills, so they benefit from the reduced rate.

As the installation is an expansion of the previous solar panel we installed, our expert team had planned out the installation with the aim of generating the most solar power by covering as much useable roof space as possible. As partial shading could affect the panels, we fitted TIGO optimizers. These act as boosters for the entire array if a panel or two becomes shaded, allowing the whole system to retain performance, with no drop-off of electricity production.

All installed solar panels and inverters work with a handy app or the online web portal, this allows the customer to check the operation of the system and look at savings from anywhere.

Benefits to the Client

With the addition of 325 solar panels to the existing 50 solar panel system at Turner Bros, they are now able to generate a total of 140,000-kilowatt hours of free electricity each year. While also saving 34,000kg of CO2 each year. Any excess that is not used by the tenants can then be sold back to The Grid to generate additional income. The additional solar panels installed here will save Turners Bros thousands of pounds over the warrantied life of the panels, with a potential payback period for the whole system of around 6 years.

The installation of the extra 325 panels was completed in 10 days, this was possible as we carried out a complete and detailed plan after our site survey, we also work in tight cooperation with our roofers and electricians to ensure the installation was completed seamlessly. This minimised any disruption to our client and their on-site tenants. As the solar panels installed here require little to no maintenance this system can stay in top condition for many years to come as the solar panels come with a 25-year warranty.