Turner Bros Solar Panels Phase 1

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solar panels on top of sorbus tree store
Who are they?

Turner Bros are a land and development company based in Ruthin, they own Birch House Business Centre offering Flexible Office and Business Solutions to local companies. They currently have 16 companies based at the Turner Trading Estate, renting office and industrial space.  


Turner Bros were looking to plan for a renewable future, reducing their overall electricity costs and reliance on expensive grid energy. Due to the uncertainty of electricity prices for commercial properties they were looking for a way to protect themselves and their tenants from ever-increasing electric costs. 

Our Solution

To meet the energy requirements, first, we needed to complete a full site survey, allowing us to produce a detailed installation plan. This process ensures we are installing Solar PV in the most efficient locations, to maximise power generation and minimise disruption to the on-site tenants. 

On the Turner Bros site, we installed 2x 10kW Solar PV systems. Each system consisted of 25x 405W panels, alongside a 3-phase 10kW Inverter, used to convert the DC power from the panels into AC energy which can be consumed by the tenants. As the site is divided into two areas one installation was for office buildings that are rented out to tenants. The other installation was for a row of industrial units, each of which has differing energy requirements. To combat this, we also installed a sub-metering system, to ensure each tenant benefits proportionally from the Solar generation.  

On both installs, our expert team arranged the panels in the most efficient and space-saving orientation, this leaves expansion space on the roof if the customer should wish to install more panels in the future. As both installs may also be affected by partial shading, we fitted TIGO optimizers to each panel, this acts as a booster for the entire array should a panel or two become shaded and allows the whole system to retain performance, with no drop-off of electricity production. 

All the products we use on the install work with a handy app or online web portal, this allows the customer to check up on the system from anywhere to ensure it is operating effectively with no issues. 

Benefits to the Client

With the system installed here at Turner Bros, they can now generate around 9,000-kilowatt hours of free electricity every year, with any excess being sold back to the grid to generate an additional income. This can save Turner Bros thousands over the 25-Year Output Warranty of the panels, with a potential payback period for the systems of around 3 years. 

The full installation of both systems was completed in only 3 days, made possible by the detailed planning from the initial site survey and the tight cooperation between the roofing and electrical installation teams. Minimising any disruption to the client and their tenants. And with little to no maintenance required for the solar panels, the system will stay in top condition for years to come. 

 Client Feedback 

Gareth had this to say about the solar panel installation, “It has been something I have thought about for a while but I wasn’t convinced until now – I’ve literally seen the light.” 

“The increase in the cost of power this year, especially for a business which isn’t protected by the price cap, made me take the plunge and I’m already seeing a saving.” 

“Electricity and gas prices have rocketed and I have to pass them on to my 16 tenants so when I saw the projections from Gregg, that convinced me.” 

“Everyone is looking for a cost-saving and this is working for us because it’s only going to get worse in future and it’s making us cleaner and greener as well.” 

“I’ve been very pleased with the service I’ve had from Rawson who have been excellent throughout.”