Solar Panel & Battery Storage Install Flintshire

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solar panels on north wales home flintshire

6.4kWp Solar panel, Battery storage & 7.3kw EV charger

We were contacted by a local Flint resident who had been looking to add solar panels along with battery storage to his home. The customer was looking to add the solar panel system to their home in order to reduce their electricity bill and was keen to have sufficient battery storage in order to reduce their overall reliance on the Grid.

Our Solar Panel Solution

As the customer was out of the home during the day due to work commitments we suggested adding battery storage to his system. Battery storage would allow our customer to store any of the excess solar energy that is not used within the home during the day for use later at night when solar panels aren’t able to generate power. Our customer opted for 2 x 5.8kw Solax storage batteries to go along with his 16 x 425W Perlight solar panels.
The solar panel system installed is capable of generating an estimated 5,445kWh of free electricity each year for our customer. While the battery storage we have implemented within the system means that only a small amount of excess energy is not being used, this can then be exported back to the Grid for an additional income. For the utmost peace of mind for our customer the solar panels installed here carry a 30 year warranty period.

While we were installing the solar system the customer had an existing EV charger fitted which was not solar compatible, so could not feed their electric vehicle directly from the newly installed solar panels. Because of this, they asked us to install our Project EV 7.3kw EV charger. This charger is fully compatible with solar panels allowing any Type 2 electric vehicle to be charged directly from the solar energy generated during the day.

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Customer Feedback

‘I used Rawson Solar for my solar, battery and EV charger installation at my home, I found them to be very professional from the initial consultation right through to the installation. I would recommend them to my family and friends.’