Richer Sounds R1 Warehouse Solar Panels

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Richer Sounds R1 Warehouse Solar panels
Who are they?

Richer Sounds R1 based in Openshaw, Manchester is Richer Sounds North West warehouse. Founded in 1978 by Julian Richer, Richer Sounds is a nationwide & online retailer that specialises in the supply of Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & TV Equipment. They have 51 stores throughout the UK with multiple warehouses which service these stores.


Richer Sounds R1 were looking for ways to reduce their overall electricity costs and reliance on the Grid. As their warehouse uses state-of-the-art machinery to move and pack stock, operating on a nearly 24-hour basis, they consume a significant amount of electricity daily. Richer Sounds were also looking for ways to increase its green credentials and in turn lower its CO2 emissions, to help them meet the carbon net-zero targets.

Our Solution

To meet the requirements of the Richer Sounds R1 warehouse project, on our first visit to the site we needed to complete a full site survey. This survey allows our in-house designers to put together a very detailed map of the roof. This is complete with string configurations and cable runs which allows our roofers and electricians to work in synergy.

Due to the size of the system required to meet Richer Sounds power consumption we needed to first carry out a main fuse upgrade. If this was not carried out the installed system would have been sub-optimal. We were able to liaise with ENW to get this upgrade completed within just 1 week.
For Richer Sounds R1 we installed a 125kWp solar system onto the warehouse roof. The solar panel system consisted of 306 x 410W Tier 1 solar panels and 2 x 50kW three-phase inverters, each inverter has the job of converting the DC power generated by the solar array into a usable AC power source, which is then used by Richer Sounds to power their warehouse operations.

With Richer Sounds being a fully working warehouse which ships goods 24/7 we needed to offer complete flexibility during the installation of the system. Our team accomplished this by working during evenings and weekends, meaning we had little to no impact on Richer Sounds’ operations, even being able to complete a power-down of the site to make the final connection to the LV Network.

Benefits to the Client

The solar panel system we installed at Richer Sounds R1 warehouse is capable of generating 112,000 kWh of electricity for the business. This provides them with around 40% of their overall electricity for free. Not only does the system offer a free source of electricity they are also able to offset 28,100kg of CO2 emissions every year.

The installation of the 125kWp system was completed in just 12 days. This was achieved because of our extensive planning, thanks to the on-site visits that were conducted before installation. This meant there was very minimal disruption to Richer Sounds operations, even when we needed to do a complete power down to connect the system to the network.

All solar panels and inverters used in Richer Sounds installation work with a handy app or an online web portal, this allows our client to check on the operation of the system at the push of a button, ensuring the system operates without any issues.

All the solar panels used come with a 25-year warranty ensuring a long life of energy production for Richer Sounds, and require minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime.