Makefast Group Solar Panels

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Makefast Group commercial solar panel array
Who are they?

Founded in 1974, Makefast Group is a design and manufacturing company that produces hardware and safety equipment for the marine and safety industries. Many of their products are developed in association with their customers on a bespoke requirement basis, which can also be fully customized with unique branding and colours.


Makefast Group is committed to continuous improvement and has a focus on making a positive impact on the environment by implementing green practices. Such green practices were the installation of solar panels to help offset the Makefast Group’s CO2 emissions and reduce their reliance on energy drawn from the Grid while helping to reduce their annual energy bill. Given the current uncertainty of energy prices for commercial premises, the installation of solar panels will allow The Makefast Group to protect themselves from these increasing prices.

Our Solution

Before we could begin the installation we needed to complete a full on-site survey. The completion of this survey ensures our in-house solar design team can put together a detailed roof map showing complete string configurations and cable runs, this ensures our roofers and electricians can work in synergy throughout the installation.

At Makefast we installed a huge 120kW solar PV system, which consisted of 300x 405W Tier 1 Risen solar PV panels and 4x 30kW inverters, these are used to convert all DC power generated by the solar panels into useable AC power which can then be consumed within the factory.

As Makefast Group operates throughout the day with continuous production, we needed to offer flexibility around them for installing the system. Because of this our team installed the system during evenings and weekends, which meant the business experienced minimal disruption. Makefast Group have an ever-expanding operating space within their factory, because of this we opted to install the four 30kW inverters on an outside wall, this was made possible as the inverters have an IP65 rating. Canopies were installed over the inverters to ensure they remained free of debris for good ventilation.

Benefits to the Client

The system we installed at Makefast Group is capable of generating 100,000 kilowatt hours of free electricity for the business, this will cover roughly 30% of Makefast’s overall electricity consumption while offsetting around 25,000kg of CO2 emissions each year, helping to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The complete 120kW solar PV installation was completed in just 7 days, this was made possible because of the very detailed on-site survey that was carried out prior to installation. We had very minimal disruption to Makefast’s business with the installation carried out during evenings and weekends, with a complete factory power down being carried out with minimal disruption. The solar PV panels used for this installation require little to no maintenance over their lifetime, and come with a 25-year warranty ensuring a long life of energy production for Makefast Group.