Bellis Brothers offer charging free to visitors

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Bellis Brothers now offer free electric vehicle charging at farm shop in North Wales

The Bellis Brothers farm shop is located between Chester and Wrexham and is a perfect destination if you’re looking for some fantastic local produce or gardening supplies.

Being a destination that people seek out they decided to get an electric vehicle charger installed for any electric vehicle owners who visit.

What did we supply

After a consultation with our expert team, they decided the best EV charging option was the Project EV twin socket 7kW floor mounted unit. This is an attractive-looking charger with a socket on either side making it accessible to multiple cars at once. There is a handy LCD screen on the face of the charger, which displays easy-to-read charging information. This charger is perfect for their needs allowing staff and visitors to top up. And the best part is Bellis Brothers are supplying this service free of charge, so why not take a drive, check out the farm shop and top up your car while you’re there?

Why fit an electric vehicle charger?

EV chargers can offer many different incentives for customers and staff and this can be done in many different ways. Firstly, free charging – can come at a cost to the business in the form of electricity, however, its ability to attract new EV-driving customers is immeasurable. If offering the charging for free is not an option, we can put the chargers onto Project EV’s billing platform, this allows you as a business to sell the charging capabilities at your chosen rate per kW, this is a great option, especially if you’re in a high traffic area, and could increase your footfall of visitors. Places such as service stations, hotels, and city car parks can all benefit greatly from a charged-out charging solution.

If you are interested in learning more about our EV charging solutions, please contact us here.

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