Bellis Brothers offer charging free to visitors

Bellis Brothers farm shop in holt recently had an install of a twin socket 7kW charger to offer staff to use while working & customers who need to top up. Bellis Brothers farm shop is situated in the Dee Valley on the outskirts of Holt Village. 9 miles between Wrexham and Chester, it’s the perfect spot to head for a drive and pick up some fantastic local produce and gardening supplies.

The project EV twin-gun, floor-mounted units are an attractive pillar with two sockets, one on either side and a small screen on the front for viewing charging information. Bellis brothers farm shop is a farm shop close to our main office in Wrexham and many of our staff have reported seeing the charger in use on almost every visit they have made there.

EV chargers can offer many different incentives for customers and staff and this can be done in many different ways. Firstly, free charging – this can come at a cost to the business in the form of electricity, however, its ability to attract new, EV driving customers is immeasurable. If offering the charging for free is not an option, the chargers can be put onto Project EV’s billing platform, this will allow for you as a business to sell the charging capabilities at your chosen rate per kW’s, this can be a great option, especially in high traffic areas, especially with a high turnover of visitors. Places such as service stations, hotels, city car parks can benefit greatly from a charged out charging solution.

If you are interested in learning more about our EV charging solutions, please contact us here.

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