BBC X-Ray Documentary looks at EV charging across Wales

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EV Charging in Wales

On November 1st, the BBC aired their X-Ray documentary where a large part focused on looking at EV charging in Wales.

We are going to tell you why a commercial EV charge point could be a fantastic investment for your business.

The Welsh consumer rights show covered the public charging network across Wales and included some interviews with EV owners on their experiences with charging on the go.

A divide between North and South Wales

One of the most interesting facts to come out of the show for us was that there are only around 1000 public chargers in Wales. This may seem like a lot until you dig a bit deeper. Those 1000 chargers across Wales only account for 4% of chargers across the UK. Not only that, but taking a look at the map below, from Zap-Map, you can see the distribution of Public charge points across Wales. It’s clear to see that the north is woefully lower than the south, especially in the more rural parts of the country.

This divide offers a fantastic business opportunity to any businesses or tourist destinations that experience a high volume of traffic to their premises. Selling your power per kilowatt to EV owners can add another revenue stream and attract new visitors to your business. We offer a payback calculator which will figure out how much money you could make by implementing a public EV charging solution, get in touch with us today to get access to the calculator and speak to our sales team about what would work best for you.

Lack of suitable chargers in Wales

The show also covered the quality of the charge points and found that a lot of complaints were aimed at the speeds of the chargers. A lot of the chargers across Wales are 7kW AC chargers, this just isn’t suitable as a destination charger as it takes 7-10 hours to charge a car and when a customer is making a visit to charge their vehicle, they will never want to wait that long. That’s why we recommend at least 40kW or even as high as 150kW EV chargers if you are looking for a fast turnaround and a way to stand out from the rest.

If you are a business in North Wales or the North-West and would like to know more about  EV charging and how it can benefit your business to adopt it before anyone else, then get in touch with us today and we will arrange a no-obligation chat to discuss your specific needs.

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