Are electric cars suitable for long journeys?

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In this article, we are going to examine this myth and give you the facts about EV’s and their suitability for long journeys. You can then answer the question, are electric cars suitable for long journeys?

Myth: Electric vehicles are not suitable for long journeys or commuting.

Average EV distance from a full charge: 250 miles*.

Average commute of UK drivers: 23 miles a day**.

*Taken from energy.gov website

** Taken from SME-News

Electric Vehicle Suitability For Long Journeys?

So let’s explore the question are electric cars suitable for long journeys?

The average UK commute

A lot of people assume an electric car would not be suitable for them as they aren’t able to travel long distances, or it wouldn’t be suitable to use daily for a work commute. Well, when you look at the average distance an EV can travel on a full charge in the UK it’s 250 miles. When you look at this on a map you would be able to travel from Manchester city centre all the way to London city centre on a single charge. Compare that against the average UK work commute of 23 miles per day for most people in the UK. So the average full charge of 250 miles would get you to and from work for an entire week without having to charge your car each night.

You don’t refill your tank each night

When you drive a diesel or petrol vehicle you don’t top up your tank each night, so why would you recharge your electric car each night? This is a worry of many drivers, thinking they would forget to plug their electric car in at night leaving them with no charge in the morning. However people fail to remember that they wouldn’t do this with an ICE vehicle. When using your EV daily you would only need to plug it in once or twice a week if your commute is the UK average. Similar to the frequency that you would refill your ICE vehicle. You could also benefit from taking your EV to local supermarkets that offers free electric vehicle charging while doing your weekly shop.

Full EV’s suitable for long journeys and commuting

So, when you look at the above you can see an electric car really can work for you as your daily. As battery technology advances further electric cars will be able to travel even further without being charged, allowing you to finally let go of the fossil fuel alternatives and any anxiety you might have about range.

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