Are commercial solar panels right for my business?

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Are commercial solar panels right for my business?

Are commercial solar panels right for my business? That is a question that many business owners are asking themselves. As the cost of traditional energy prices soar, and the availability of commercial solar panels rise, more and more businesses are turning to solar power as a way to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

It’s easy to understand why many businesses are looking for eco-friendly alternatives.  Research by Tyl by Natwest reveals that 30% of UK SMEs spend between £3,000 and £3,999 on annual energy bills, while almost a quarter (24%) spend over £4,000 annually. Is it time for your business to consider switching to commercial solar panels?

Will commercial solar panels be enough to power my business?

Solar panels are a very reliable source of energy. They draw energy from the sun and convert it into electricity that can help power your business. Solar panels are also referred to as PV or Photo-Voltaic panels. They are made up of many monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar cells fused together and sealed under an anti-reflective glass cover.

Given that most businesses use electricity during the day, the power generated from the sunlight can be directly used to power the appliances and minimise the dependency on the expensive grid energy.

Solar energy is most efficient during the summer months when the days are longer, and the sun is shining. You can also install solar batteries to store energy during sunnier periods which can then be released and redistributed across your business during darker days, at night or during peak high tariff times when buying grid energy is expensive.

How many solar panels will my business need?

The number of solar panels that you’ll need for your commercial building will depend on a few factors, such as the size of your roof, the amount of sunlight that hits your property, and how much energy you typically use.

A commercial solar panel installation company like R-EV Power can help you determine how many solar panels you need to install. We’ll look at your energy consumption from your last quarterly electricity bill and visit your premises to determine the size of the roof and how much sunlight your roof is exposed to. Using simulations & 3D modelling, we will find out where to place the solar panels on your roof to maximize their efficiency & annual yield. 

How do I get started with commercial solar panels?

If you’re interested in installing commercial solar panels, the first step is to obtain a quote from us . We will visit your premises to assess your needs and determine whether solar power is right for your business. We can also help you choose the right solar panels from our product range and figure out where to place them on your roof. Once the solar panels are installed, we will provide you with clean, renewable energy that can help reduce your dependence on traditional forms of energy and save you money on your energy bill.

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