7 Reasons to switch to solar energy?

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solar panels on house roof providing solar energy

Thinking of Switching to a Solar Power Home or Business?

Have you been thinking about switching to solar energy for a while now? Well, we’re going to explore 7 reasons to switch to solar energy and why you should act now and get solar panels installed.

Solar energy helps save money on your electricity bills

With electricity bills increasing what seems like daily, and with no end in sight for the increases, although the price cap has helped slightly. Installing solar panels on your home will reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid. This decrease can be up to 70%, and since you’re not paying your energy supplier for the electricity running your home, your bills will be considerably reduced.

Getting solar panels helps to reduce your carbon footprint

Figures from The Energy Trust stated that the average house with solar panels installed saves the UK around 1.3-1.6 tonnes of carbon a year. As solar panels produce electricity from the sun this is sustainable and renewable with no nasty emissions or pollutants. So not only could you be saving money you’ll also be helping to save our planet!

Installing solar panels on your home will increase your EPC rating

Solar panels are a great way to increase your home’s EPC rating. This is the rating that tells potential buyers how energy efficient your property is. The higher the rating the more desirable your home could be to any potential purchaser. Another benefit is potential purchasers can look forward to lower electricity bills as they can produce their own.

You could get paid for having solar panels

As of January 2020, the UK government announced the Smart Export Guarantee. This scheme pays households for the amount of energy they export back into the Grid. Any excess energy you don’t use from your solar panels can be sent back into the Grid and you get paid for it! To benefit from this scheme you need to sign up for the export tariff with your provider, bear in mind different companies can pay different rates.

Solar panels and electric vehicles are perfect together

So you’ve got an electric vehicle on your drive or there starting to multiply in the workplace car park, well getting solar panels is the inevitable next step. Since you’re using electricity to charge your car wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to produce free electricity…. Well, that is where our solar panels come in. Charging your EV with electricity generated by your solar panels saves you money not only in your home but also in commuting costs.

Installing solar panels on your home can increase property value

Solar panels not only increase your EPC rating, but they also increase your property value whether they are installed on your home or commercial property. As they allow whoever owns the property to effectively generate free electricity this gives you an advantage when selling the property which others may not have.

Switching to solar gives you energy independence

Solar panels allows you to rely less on the Grid for energy. This means if energy prices rise you’re protected from these rises as you generate your own electricity. If you pair your solar panels with a battery storage system you can store your excess electricity, so in the event of a power cut, you could still have power in your home.

As you can see there are numerous benefits of getting solar panels installed, not only can they benefit you greatly they are simple to install. So get in touch now for a quote. Or call us on 01978 808517.

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