5 Reasons To Invest in Solar Battery Storage

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solax inverter and 2 solax batteries mounted to an outside wall

Why should you invest in solar battery storage?

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills. There are more than 970,000 households in the UK already employing solar panels. But did you know that adding battery storage to your solar system can provide even more benefits? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of solar battery storage and why it’s worth considering for your home or business.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery is simply that. A battery that allows you to store the solar energy generated from your solar panels for consumption at a later time. With battery storage, you have options you can either store the energy for later use or store the energy to sell back to the Grid.

Reasons why should you invest in solar battery storage

So let’s take at look at some of the reasons why you should look to invest in battery storage for your home or business.

Energy Independence.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in solar battery storage is the ability to achieve energy independence. With a battery storage system, you can store any excess solar energy generated by your solar panels during the day and use it at night or during times of high energy demand. This means you can rely less on the grid and potentially even go off-grid entirely with the correct setup. If you’re able to reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources this gives you greater control over your energy usage.

Cost Savings.

Adding battery storage to your solar energy system can provide significant cost savings over time. By storing excess energy during the day and using it during peak demand times, you reduce your reliance on the grid and can lower your energy bills. Additionally, some utility companies offer incentive rates for homeowners and businesses that have battery storage, further reducing the cost of your solar energy system. Over time, the cost savings from battery storage can offset the initial investment and provide long-term financial benefits.

Backup Power.

One of the main benefits of adding battery storage to your solar energy system is backup power. In the event of a power outage, your battery storage system can kick in to provide electricity to power your home or business, keeping your lights on and your appliances running throughout. This can be particularly important for those living in areas prone to frequent power outages, or businesses that need to maintain power at all times. With battery storage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable source of backup power.

Create a revenue

Having battery storage installed with your solar energy system allows you to store any excess energy that you aren’t able to consume. The excess energy can be stored in your batteries and then sold back to the Grid to create an additional income. There are also options to switch to specific energy tariffs where during certain times of the day you will be paid more per kW than other off peak times of the day.

Environmental Benefits.

In addition to the financial benefits of solar battery storage, there are also significant environmental benefits. By having solar energy and battery storage installed, you are reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing your carbon footprint. This helps to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations. Additionally, solar battery storage can help to reduce strain on the electrical grid, which can lead to a more stable and reliable energy system overall.

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