10 questions to ask EV Charger Installers

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Commercial EV Charging Installation

If you have decided to install an EV charging point at your commercial premises, there are some important questions that you need to ask your EV charger installers to make sure that your charging stations are compliant with regulations, cost-effective and futureproof for business, employees and customers.

Before choosing an EV charging installation company, be sure to ask these ten essential questions and carry out due diligence on the company you choose to do the installation.

  1. Are you OZEV-approved?

Businesses can apply for a grant as part of the Workplace Charging Scheme, giving you £350 towards your installation. However, this can only be used if you choose an OZEV-approved installer.  Not all installers are part of this scheme, so it’s important to check before discussing your installation further.

  1. Do you have experience with business/commercial EV charging installations?

Make sure that your EV charger installer has experience with commercial installations, not just residential. A company that has experience in EV charging installations for business will be better placed to advise on key things such as location of your charging points and how they might generate new revenue streams for you. You can find the latest examples of our work here.

  1. Do you provide leasing options?

An EV charging network can be costly to install upfront, so you may wish to choose a company who offers leasing so you can spread the costs over a period of time.

  1. Do you provide after-care support?

If you have any issues with your charging points once they have been installed, you will want a company who can provide a good level of customer service to troubleshoot any issues you might have. A key element of a good installer will be their aftercare process which should include annual safety checks and regular maintenance, and a dedicated helpline should anything go wrong.

  1. What EV charger types and levels do I need, and can you provide them?

Each business will have different requirements for their EV chargers depending on usage, daily mileage, how frequently they will be used and how fast you want your vehicles to be charged.

We offer a range a charging units including:

  • Standard (or ‘slow charging’) (3-7kW). These charging units are usually found at home or for very small office use.
  • Fast (7-22kW). These are popular in office and business car parks.
  • Rapid (22-50kW). These are the charging points commonly found at motorway service stations.

Discuss these with your installer and make sure they have the right option that suits your needs.

  1. What is the cost for an EV charging installation?

This will very much depend on which charger you choose. However, it’s also important to ask whether these costs are fixed so that you know the total amount before committing to the installation.

  1. Where should I install the EV charging points?

A good installation company will visit your premises and advise on the best location for your charging points so that it complies with local highway regulations and be easily accessible for your employees and customers.

You will only need to obtain planning permission if your property is:

  • Located near a highway
  • Is a listed building
  • Over 1.6m in height (for ground mounted units)
  • More than 0.2 cubic meters in volume (for wall mounted units)
  1. Do I need to upgrade my electricity supply?

A site survey should be conducted to determine the power supply of your site and the number and type of ChargePoint’s it could support.

  1. How do you ensure the quality of your chargers?

Make sure that all chargers and parts come with a comprehensive warranty as standard, and that they provide a helpline that’s able to assist should you have any issues.

  1. How many chargers does our business need?

This is a question that we often get asked, and the answer is different for every business as it depends on factors such as:

  • How many staff have electric vehicles and how do you expect that to grow in the next 12-24 months?
  • How many customers do you anticipate needing to use the charging points?
  • How big is your car park? You want to provide enough spaces for both electric vehicles and internal-combustion cars
  • How close is your car park to your office building and/or electricity supply? Additional groundwork may be needed if it is a certain distance to your main building.

Choosing an EV charging installation company is just as important as selecting the right chargers. A good installer will take time to understand the needs of your business and advise you accordingly.

Contact R-EV for a quote here or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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